Here we are in this page about ongoing projects for the sci-fi video game series, Space Monsters. You will see what I am currently working even if I have time to do this whether the project is complete or not.

Home-World Infestation

Home-World Infestation is an arcade-styled future project with 2-player co-op represented as a spin-off through the entire Space Monsters series.

Axl Jet's Quest

This future-themed project featuring my original character (OC) is now upcoming as a modification for Space Monsters engine and the first spin-off title of the entire series of top-down shooter game, Space Monsters.

Space Monsters 2

The official sequel of the first Space Monsters game, which is the early predecessor within the series. It features more gameplay elements in top-down perspective.

Monster Marauders

The second spin-off of the series after Axl Jet's Quest. Despite being a top-down shooter game, it has shooter game mechanics inspired from Centipede, Galaga and Space Invaders, but with top-down perspective.

Space Warrior

This is space-themed and Psonic's first vertical scrolling shooter game alongside SVR, which is supposedly the first horizontal scrolling shooter game, but moved to the first Aegius game because of being a spin-off of the series.


Psonic's first tile-matching puzzle game with shooter mechanics featured from Quarth, Space Invaders and Tetris.

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