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Space Monsters is a series of futuristic top-down shooter games where the invasive/extraterrestrial doomsday scenarios took place between timelines and yet includes other media like comics. The development of its first installment has begun with Game Maker engine in 2013, but moved to 2015 due to the creator's hard-working plans, especially doing many important things like studying, playing video games, strolling etc. Also, its title was a reference to Taito's 1972 mechanical game but it was eventually renamed as Space Invaders by Mr. Nishikado's video game theory during the Golden Age era. 

On the other hand, Space Monsters is an inspiration of Alien Shooter, Alien Breed, Crimsonland, Doom, Quake, Space Invaders, Alien Swarm and The House of the Dead. Actually, some of its creatures are formed the resemblances of Space Invaders and virtual humanoids.

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